A Long Fun – Momentous Day

I just uploaded my book to be published. Hallelujah!! It’s taken SEVEN YEARS!!!!

Can you say it’s done? you might ask.

That would be a NO!!! It takes 1-2 days to check the files.

OMG. Will this ever ACTUALLY HAPPEN?

I don’t know, honestly.

I am certainly stretching my non-existence patience on this one.

BUT I DO have a cover (file). AND I have a book (file). WOWOWOWOW!!!

Finally uploaded files for book to be published – WOWOWOWOW!!

This is a long video. I got sad about my mom. We have a woman who has moved in today (at least for this week) to take care of her.

“I didn’t think she was coming today,” my mom said. “I’m not ready.”

My mom looked so sad when I left there. It is breaking my heart. I guess I will just keep crying until I am done.

Sometimes my mom seems fine. And sometimes she forgets stuff.

On another note: Tomorrow I leave for Mexico. If the snow stops by then.

Trying not to worry about it. AND, I have to get packed and go back down to Westport so I can leave at 3:00 AM to catch my 7:00 AM flight.

I dislike the stress and I dislike flying and packing, etc.

When I get there, however, I will be at the pool reading my book. With a drink. So don’t feel too sorry for me.

OK, gotta get packing. Have a great week if I don’t talk to ya’all.

Thanks, as always, for listening.

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