Mom and Me at the Penn Squash Court Dedication Event

I brought my mom with me to a big event at Penn. They were dedicating the newly renovated Penn Squash courts to my old coach. It was special.

I talk about it in the video I will attach. It was really great. My mom is the best person to bring to an event. She doesn’t complain and is up for anything. I realized how lucky I was to have her there.

It was fun, but like any homecoming type weekend, it ended.

Now I am home and realizing THIS is my real life. That life ended 38 years ago. Can you believe that?

Penn squash was a big part of my life, though. 4 years of playing every day. Travelling to matches and becoming the captain. It was very special and a highlight of my college career. And I didn’t even know what squash was when I got there as a freshman. That’s pretty cool.

Seeing my coach and several teammates was great. We will always share a special bond.

It’s so easy to forget the things in my life that I really enjoyed. That were such a big part of my life at that time. Going there this weekend reminded me of the “special-ness” of my experience at Penn.

Finding out that a few of my teammates had passed away was difficult to hear. I had just assumed everyone was thriving like I am. Wow! A rude awakening.

All night they kept flashing a slide show. Of course I looked for myself. I was in the groups of five women that got to play in Toronto over Christmas and in the team pictures as well. I never thought that those talented young women standing next to me were no longer with us. It made the time there even more special. Reminding me to not take anything or anyone for granted.

Another topic: My meditation task today was about thinking about 3 situations where I feel or felt the freedom to simply be.

I’m still thinking about them. I’d say on first glance:

  • when I am dancing to a great song
  • when I am writing
  • when I am recording my videos

Other times:

  • moments when I am with my friends from the past
  • moments when I’m with my family especially when we are dancing
  • moments when I am listening to someone and really getting what it is like in their world
  • moments when someone is listening to me with no judgement or opinion
  • feeling a connection to someone
  • sharing with people

It’s interesting to see that my first three were when I am alone. If I am with people, I can have small segments of that. Probably until I start thinking. Then I separate myself and start feeling like I don’t belong. When I am just having fun, being in the moment, and not worrying is when I am free to be.

I know that when I am disapproved of, feel criticized, rejected or dismissed, or think someone is upset, I will go in my head and not be free to be. So that’s good to know.

I was definitely hooting and hollering at the Penn thing – free to be and maybe a little loud – but it was fun. And, the red wine probably helped. I felt connected, part of things, and free to be.

Something to keep noticing. Definitely want more free to be moments in my life. It is fun and exhilarating and I feel connected to the world. “Life is great.”

Well, that’s more than I thought I would say. Here’s the video:

Have a great night. Time to unpack and get ready for MONDAY!!!!

Thanks for listening.

2 thoughts on “Mom and Me at the Penn Squash Court Dedication Event

  1. That was a wonderful read Hilary!! What a great weekend!! What a great college time and experience you had! Sure it was 38 years ago – but it is part of who you are. And how special that your mom was with you. Our Pockets of friends through our lives are so special, memorable, and precious. Love you HoFo!!!


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