Team Awesome

I did this in between recording, a call with my boss, and trying to get out of here.

My boss asked me if I was going to stay in my position at AFLAC. I said I’m not leaving until they kick me out. (Or I replace my income another way – I didn’t tell him that part). And if he leaves, I’m gone. (Well, at least I felt that way at the moment – I hope he doesn’t read this!!!! ) I do love being part of an energetic team. He brings that feeling to our region.

Anyway, another topic: We are on Day 19 of the 21 day Abundance Meditation. All about what we love about ourselves. Yes, ourselves, folks.

I had to make a list. I am actually present to what I love about MYSELF. A miracle.

I’m not saying that my brain is not negative on the inside, but there is room for what I DO LOVE about me. That’s a freaking miracle.

I love my – wait I have to get my notes, I already forgot – my intelligence, athletic abilities, my creativity, my empathy, my ability to listen, my energy, strength, health (knock on wood), discipline, talent, generosity, curiosity, willingness to grow and develop, fun, and get this, folks, my BEAUTY. Yes, I am willing to say that (even though I am gagging a little). We all have BEAUTY.

Do I feel arrogant saying this? Conceited?

A little. But is putting myself down better? That’s what I learned to do in Junior High because I didn’t want people to be jealous of me. I got really good at putting myself down. Where does that get me? Not feeling very good about myself.

Today I love all those things about myself. What a new world to live into. Excitement. Abundance. Fun. Community. Being connected. Wow!!! (Let’s hope this lasts. Just kidding. Sort of.)

My video is still processing. I discussed the “Saggy Boob Man.” It’s pretty funny. I will not spoil the video for you. I feel better when I get these things out. When they nest in my head, they rot.

Once I start talking, and I say the rotting parts, I get free. I can laugh about them. I can relax and create something new.

When it’s in my head and I’m embarrassed or ashamed to say the thing, I just stay alone and negative.

It’s quite amazing. Sharing is like a power switch.

So, SHARE people. JOIN ME! What are you afraid to say? What are you embarrassed to say?

I promise you FREEDOM!!

Feel free to share in a comment or to text me if you have my number.

Have an awesome day. I gotta get going as usual.

Here’s the video. Best part: Saggy Boob Man.

I had a ball with this one.

Thanks for listening.

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