Windy Day

I showed my waves on this video again. They were even higher than yesterday.

Tonight it is really windy. AND LOUD!!

I am going to have to try to relax so I can sleep. I don’t know why it’s so scary, but it is.

I really was fine until I started listening to the noise outside. I guess the wind is getting stronger. The water was under the house at high tide this afternoon. It could be worse tonight.

If it’s really bad, the tide could come up, flood the street and parking area, and ruin my car. I should probably move it up the street, but that involves going out in this God forsaken weather. I could get blown out to sea.

But if I don’t move it, I’ll obsess about it all night.

I’ll tell you this: if I hadn’t stopped eating at 7:00 PM for my 12 hour fast, I would definitely be having some strong drinks and comfort food to numb myself. That’s probably the biggest benefit I get from stopping eating at a certain time. I shorten the amount of eating/drinking damage I do at night.

OK, let’s look at worse case scenarios for tonight:

  • my house could go out to sea with me in it
  • my car could be under water and be ruined
  • nothing could happen to either, but I won’t sleep tonight worrying about it
  • the umbrella that I couldn’t get out of it’s stand on my deck could come shooting through my window like a deadly torpedo/sword
  • the house could blow away with me in it
  • the roof could blow off and I’ll go flying into the water half naked (OK, at least I’m laughing now)
  • at least there’s no trees around here to fall onto the house
  • High tide is 2:22 AM – The rain won’t stop until 2:AM so that’s not good
  • I think I’ll go move my car – why worry – I’ll just get a little wet and have to walk a little in gale storm winds and rain
  • I’ll just have to hike up to my car tomorrow

OK, gotta go. This way I’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Have a good night.

Thanks for listening.


I just went outside. It wasn’t raining. The water wasn’t very high. My neighbors’ cars are there and theirs are lower then mine.

I didn’t end up moving my car up the road after all.

I figured there was more chance of it getting stolen up there. Yes, that’s what I actually thought. (There have been some cars stolen in the area lately). I know, there’s always something to freak out about!!

I didn’t get wet and I didn’t blow away. So much for my mental hysteria. I totally freaked myself out for no reason about my car.

The wind, that’s another story. It’s still blowing VERY LOUDLY!!!

Enjoy your night.

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