OK – all I did was look at how messed up my lipstick was. That’s it.

I have to leave in 41 minutes so I don’t have time to re-record. Oh well. Whatever as the kids used to say.


I did write back to the on-line stranger who was professing his l0ve. I said that since we’ve never met, I don’t know how he can say that. That was bold for me. I wanted to just ignore him, but I may as well learn, right? (Actually I’m not sure. Maybe I should be running……….)

Some of them are just weird. I have to fight the urge to sacrifice myself and my instincts to BE NICE. So I don’t hurt their feelings. Where the f— does that get me?

My son helped me with that this morning.

“They are weird,” he said. “If someone came up and said they were in love with you in person and had never met you, wouldn’t you think that was weird?”

“Yes,” I said.
“Well, this is no different. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not.”

Thank you, my boy.

I’ve been trying to keep these strangers happy and I DON’T NEED TO.

So this is good. I’m seeing where I’m still people pleasing and being pleasant.

(It doesn’t feel very good, but so what? Neither does being alone forever because I’m too afraid to risk being hurt).

OK, I gotta run. Thank you all for your support and comments. It keeps me going.

Thanks also for listening. This is OUT OF THE BOX!!!!

Also, I don’t know how to promote these without putting them on facebook. It’s a little too out there for my work people to see these. Just saying……..any suggestions?

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