My Most Out of Control

Definitely the most out of control, but also the most fun.

TOPIC 1: I actually fixed my computer.

First the video wouldn’t work. I got it working and there was no sound.

But I did it. I asked it for help and ACTUALLY followed the instructions. It took a while, but I’m very proud that I didn’t just give up.

TOPIC 2: I’m seeing how I am run by trying to keep people happy. And I don’t know them. It’s fucking nuts. I put pressure on myself which makes me anxious, mad, frustrated and mean. Not a good combo.

But, now that I see it, I can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. That’s good to see.

TOPIC 3: I’ve calmed down about the book. I made a new to do list for myself. Some of the tasks like the cover and formatting I am going to get help with. They are beyond me.

I have to re read and put back all the names I changed in my mad, reactivated state last week. I will do that when I am calmer.

OK, getting on a call in 6 minutes. Gotta go.

Thanks for listening.

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