I have ten minutes. I’ll see what I can spit out in that time.

Then I’m going to see a potential new client.

I almost got on a webinar, but since they would have been able to see me and I had no shirt on, I didn’t think it was a good idea. Plus I had too much to do: get dressed, and clean up my dishes. Also, the underwear that was hanging on my chair drying would have been in full view of my camera. So I skipped it.

I’m writing to you instead.

I am thinking of doing a youtube channel whatever that means. And using my unusually honest and a tad sarcastic style as humor. A new Mrs. Maisel type thing.

My brain is saying “Really? I don’t think you’re that funny.”

And I answer, “I don’t either, it’s just that people tell me I am. So shut up.”

And that’s how my brain drives me crazy. In an ongoing argument with itself.

I thought I’d share it with you. See if it creates any FREEDOM AND PEACE.

Da dee dum. Still waiting for it……….da dee dum. No freedom yet.

Since I’m running out of time, I’m hoping I get some freedom and peace when I get to my car. Right now my brain is too busy figuring out what I should do, say, and be. And it’s not coming up with ANYTHING GOOD!!!

My goals:

  • Be free and peaceful – Grade D/F
  • Publish my book by next week – TBD
  • Figure out what I’m going to speak about next Thursday – ongoing torture
  • Invite more people – TBD
  • Keep my not eating hours to at least 12 – that seems to be as uncomfortable as I want to get for right now

OK, gotta go. More later. Have a GREAT F——–G DAY!!!!!

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