Success is Easy

That’s what I’m going to say today. All day.

Because this weekend I was all in a funk. I know, what’s new?

Powerless, negative, and just plain nasty in my own little head.

I realize that I’ve been listening from a filter of “I can’t. I don’t know how. I suck. There’s nothing I can do.”

And, since April when I had to put a bunch in an IRA to save on my taxes, I’ve been back living in scarcity.

And, since then, I’ve stopped making money and doing well.

So why not change what I’m telling myself and saying?

SUCCESS IS EASY. WEALTH CREATION IS EASY. I’m living in abundance. I know what to do. I got this.

Time for some fucking miracles. Why not?

(I’m not really believing this, but I don’t have to).

I’m going to HIT FAME!!!! MIRACLES!!!

I’m losing weight!!!!

I’m happy!!!

My wonderful guy is awesome and loves to take care of me!!! I’m in love!!

Life is awesome!!!

Gotta go to a meeting!!

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