Don’t Know What To Write

So I’ll just start.

I read through my book. Again. I cried. It’s very inspiring to me. And I know the story since I lived it.

And I don’t know if I want to keep reading it. I want to get it published and move on. I’m tired of living that part of my life.

I’m ready for the next thing with this book.

The weather has been amazing this week. Cool, breezy, sunny. It’s been really enjoyable to live at the beach. A part of me can’t believe I get to live here at this price. Don’t tell my landlord, though. He may increase my rent.

I’m trying to stay in the moment. Live in the present. Allow my life to unfold. It lasts a couple of minutes and then I go back to worry. Then I come back to peace. It’s easier to do that here: the sound of the waves and the view of the Long Island Sound make it easier than in most places.

I’m reading a book, Speaking Being. It discusses the ontological nature of the Forum and compares it to the philosopher, Heidegger’s work. It’s very interesting to see the difference between our normal thinking and ontology. I’m reading a few pages at a time because it’s so intense. It talks about Saying the Unsaid which is what I have been in an inquiry about. So it’s very pertinent to what I’m exploring. And it’s a big heavy book to cart around. I feel like I’m in college again.

I have a big number to crack for work. Last week I was a ball of disempowered resignation, confused and ineffective. Then I realized I was focusing on what I DON’T WANT!!! So I’m going to tell you what I DO want instead!!!

I’m going to hit FAME (the name for our Management Target) a week early.

I am going to find an amazing agent and publisher for my book.

I am going to launch a fabulous speaking and writing career that doubles and triples my current income.

My body is healthy, fit and strong. I will happily weigh X by the vacation in September, effortlessly and healthily.

I am enjoying my new man. We have amazing conversations, travel fabulously together, and are both looking for the same things. I am happy.

I am thrilled that Oprah and Tim Ferriss called me to be on their shows. It is a dream come true.

OK, so I feel a little dumb saying all that stuff, but I am trying to focus on what I WANT, not what I don’t want. Why not ask for more? How can that hurt?

I gotta go get my chair off the beach. The tide is coming in. Have a great day!!!

Thanks for listening.

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