It Does Work

Yesterday I wrote about some of the things I want to create. I felt kind of dumb doing it. I was embarrassed.

But overnight I remembered that it works.

In 2012, when I was reading the Success Principles by Jack Canfield, I took it on. I rekindled my purposed. I wrote out goals. This was not new for me. The difference was that I also brought visualization and affirmations to it. I got emotionally connected. Saw it in my mind as already happened. It worked.

I wrote about this in my book because it made such a profound impact on my life. I took on being responsible for my life instead of blaming my then husband. I saw my part in what went wrong.

And by doing that, I climbed out of my confused, powerless, resigned, cynical victimhood. I got my power back. I hit my weight goal for the first time in my life. I did a mini-triathlon. I started a women’s empowerment group. I hit my work goals.

These were things that weren’t going to happen. Not at all. Not one bit.

I created several communities where I am known, loved and belong.

I have to admit, that I had forgotten about my little note cards with my goals. Even though they were still in my car. When I was turning in my car a couple of weeks ago, I saw them. I read them. I was shocked. I’d say at least half had come true. I couldn’t believe it.

I still don’t have the amazing guy or the $5 million in the bank, but I’m living on the water, have been successful at work, have money to pay bills, taxes and for fun living. I have great clothes, good hair, friends, and communities.

I was amazed that so much of it had come true. I read those cards religiously every day at the gym back then. I put the emotion in and visualized them coming true. My brain then went to work figuring how to get it done. It’s very cool. I just focused on the outcome, and my subconscious mind figured it out.

So, dumb as I felt yesterday, this stuff works. And, I’m glad I remembered that.

Success Principles by Jack Canfield. Changed my life. And I have to credit, Jonny Burgess, from AFLAC for introducing me to the book back in 2011 or 2012.

Thanks, Jonny.

Now I gotta go visualize my success and new man. Thanks for listening. Have a great day!

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