Bad Day in the Head

I’m writing quickly because my kids and mom are coming over and it’s not good for anyone if I’m in a bad mood.

I can’t even see anything bad immediately. But let me look. OK, they are starting to surface:

  • I drove an hour and a half today to an appointment that was cancelled.
  • Originally I had an all day appointment for today that was cancelled yesterday. That was a big one with the potential for a lot of premium. This week is not looking good business wise. I’m feeling resigned.
  • My main producer is not working due to family circumstances. I feel terrible for her, AND, that puts a big whole in my quota. I don’t know how to make up that business. Again, I’m feeling resigned.
  • I’m just feeling overall like I don’t know what to do that can make a difference anywhere.
  • I scheduled another speaking event and quite frankly, I don’t know if my idea is EVER going to work. I feel like I should just give up. Why bother?
  • I am facilitating a course that starts in a week and I have no people enrolled. And, the guy that is supposed to be helping me has not been able to take my calls. I feel alone in this mess and just want to quit.
  • I didn’t make a promise to make calls for my seminar, but one of the guys asked me to make a promise by yesterday which I didn’t do. Fuck him, I thought. Intead of being straight about what I will and won’t do, I am making him wrong, hiding, and not being in communication.
  • My bra is really uncomfortable. It got a little mushed in the wash and it’s just not working right now. Ugh!

OK, that’s enough. I can take each one and figure out an action step. The first being to change my freaking bra. Why is that so hard to figure out?

Oh one more. Today I caught my favorite dress on a nail and now it’s got a big pull on the right boob. I don’t know if I can wear it anymore. Why didn’t it happen to the ones I don’t really like?

OK, that’s enough again.

I will make a list and do them. I’ll stop being a victim and reach out to these people like a grown up. Stop feeling sorry for myself and stop being an internal pill.

Gotta go finish making the salad. As always, thanks for listening.

Have a good night.

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