Who Says It’s Wrong?

I have so many things that I think are wrong. Over the weekend, in a course, of course, I saw that being wrong is the thing I try to avoid at all costs.

It’s impossible when there are so many things I’ve decided are wrong.

Just for fun, I’ll list a few:

  • being upset
  • having flab
  • telling someone something that might get them upset
  • speaking up when you don’t like something
  • being messy
  • being unorganized
  • weighing more than I think I should
  • having unread emails
  • having too many emails
  • eating something that tastes good that’s not what I think is “good”
  • not working out hard enough
  • being tired
  • being frustrated, annoyed, etc.

You could see it’s a list that is endless. And I have tried to avoid these things. And I’m obviously failing at avoiding them.

I’ve been trying desperately to “GET IT RIGHT.”

And it’s been tiring, frustrating, exhausting, and disturbing. Because there is no end to this struggle. There is NO RIGHT to get to. There is no cheese down this tunnel.

What’s the alternative?

Being present. All is well. Everyone is perfect just as they are. We are all connected. No one needs to do anything to be ok. We are fine.

I can breathe. I can listen to people with no agenda. I can ask for what I want and say what I need to say. Their response is not my responsibility. Their upset is not my responsibility. I don’t have to fix me or anybody else.

I can speak in a way that doesn’t make anyone or anything wrong. I can practice that. I can say something new.

And I can enjoy my life. The things I like and the things I don’t. It’s all good.

Easier said than done, right? Or, is this way easier than being tired and frustrated all the time? Who knows?

We will see. I can try it for a few days and see if it’s more enjoyable.

Why not? There’s nothing to lose.

Thanks for listening and have a great day!!!!

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