Two Topics

One is how I find the negative in everything.

Another is 100% vs 5%.

OK – more later. I have to go on a call.

I’m back. Ok, this will be short.I’ve noticd that I can’t just be happy about something. I always look for what’s wrong. I’m participating in a course and in my mind, I was cheating and being sleazy in the assignments.

“That’s interesting,” the instructor said. “There’s no rules. So how can you be cheating?”

“Wow, that’s crazy,” I said. “Look how I’ve invalidated my participation. Instead of being proud, I’m thinking I’m a person who’s not honest. That’s incredible.”

And since then I’ve noticed it everywhere:

  • I worked out but didn’t push hard enough
  • I hit my numbers, but I took shortcuts to do it.
  • I look good but could be thinner
  • I love my beach cottage but it should be neater and less cluttered
  • etc.

I’m going to keep noticing it.

#2: I’m going to write about it next time. I have to get some stuff done before my guests show up.

Have a great day.

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