Anchors Away

My life is completely different from one week ago:

I was driving a car that could die any second, deciding whether to put MORE money into it to keep it alive.

I was using a phone that was 50/50 if people could hear me when I called them.

I was moving back to a cottage that had no air conditioning.

I was in a cluttered, out of the way office.

Since then:

  • I am driving a brand new RED car. I left my old dysfunctional car at the dealership along with some painful memories from the day I bought it – ADIOS!!
  • I am using a brand new phone – reliable, sleek and able to magnetically stick to my dashboard – so cool!!!
  • I have a new office that overlooks a busy street with positive energy
  • I have a new air conditioner so I don’t have to sweat when I move back in to my cottage

I realized how much I have been putting up with. And thinking somehow that that was normal. I’m tough, aren’t I? What’s wrong with sweat and breaking down on the side of the road?

Since then, 3 people have offered to fix me up with guys. That hasn’t happened in 30 years. I’m thinking it’s my new energy.

My heaviness and suffering is gone. And today I was down 1.6 pounds.

I can finally see I can REALLY design my life and have what I WANT!!!! I can speak up!!! I can HAVE IT!!!

It is totally a miracle!!! All it took was getting in action and getting rid of what wasn’t working!!!

So what if it took until 60!!! It’s the SEXY SIXTIES!!!

Also, yesterday I was energizing my work team. They were pretty low energy after the weekend. Either I was going to get depressed with them, or think of a way to get us all going.

I started thinking of team names. It worked in the past.

Dysfunctional Diva’s came to mind. Dysfunctional is FAIRLY negative, so instead, we decided to call ourselves the DOUBLE D’S!!!!! We love it and it makes us laugh and have fun.

We have gone into businesses having fun, discussing our new name, and having renewed energy and commitment.



Gotta go to a business dinner!! Have a great night!!!!

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