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100% vs 5%

Two weeks ago I was really sick. My throat was so sore I couldn’t even swallow my saliva. I was moaning and groaning and didn’t know if I would survive. (Yes, dramatic, but it’s true). The only good thing was I didn’t want to eat which has probably never happened before in my life.

I listened to a Headspace meditation on Pain Management. It was very helpful.

Here’s what I got:

When we have pain, we focus on that pain. It FEELS like it’s 100% of our body. We resist it and it gets worse and worse. It SHOULDN’T BE!!! POOR ME!! HOW WILL I SURVIVE?

What the meditation said was that if you really calculate the percentage of the body that is in pain, it’s probably 3-5%. Maybe 10% if it’s a BIG LEG or something. The rest of the body does NOT have pain.

The exercisee had us breathe of course and notice the rest of the body. The pain lessened. I also realized that my throat only really hurt when I swallowed so the rest of the time I was actually NOT in pain. Prior to the meditation I would have sworn it was my WHOLE BODY and 100% of the time. It was helpful to get aware.

This knowledge helped me get through those couple of days where the ibuprofen was not working for some reason and it felt like there was a knife in my throat. It wasn’t fun!!

Since then I’ve used that technique in other areas:

  • If I eat something I think is “off plan.” I now realize I didn’t blow the whole thing. Maybe just 5% of my eating was not as planned It alleviates the whole negative swirl that EVERYTHING is now ruined, I’ll be fat forever, there’s no hope and on and on………
  • I gained 10 pounds back BUT I’m still down 20. I can look at that either way – I’m a FAT LOSER or I’m VERY SUCCESSFUL. All in the context. I have a choice!!
  • I love writing my blog. Good for me for doing it OR I don’t take enough time to really edit each blog entry and I should just be shot. (yes, dramatic again but that’s how I actually think). Again, all in the context when I can be aware.

I’m sure there are more.

I’m almost done with my power hour outside on my beautiful deck. I need to shower, clean up my house and welcome my guests in 45 minutes.

Thank you always for listening. It makes a HUGE difference for me and I hope at least a small difference for you.

Have a great day!!!

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