Back Up Plan Required

I had been counting on my two veteran agents putting in a certain amount of premium this quarter. I have known what the rest of the team needs to do for me to hit FAME (an AFLAC achievement for people in my position).

Up until this week I was very confident.

Unfortunately, in our business, planned sales do not always materialize. It is a mistake to count on anything. Today, I found out that one of my agents had a cancellation to the tune of $15,000 and my confidence has been replaced with STRESS and PANIC.

That means, for me to hit my numbers, I have to make it up with the rest of the team. One is not picking up her phone, another has a second job she is working, and the rest are busy with their own stuff. No one is responding.

The good news is that I know ahead of time. I have hit my FAME bonus 15 out of the last 16 quarters. I can do this. The one that I missed was when I was counting on this same agent and didn’t have a backup plan when she got sick and then went to her vacation home in December. It wasn’t a happy time. But I learned my lesson. Don’t count on anyone and do what you have to do.

The bad news is that I am panicking because I don’t know where the rest of the business will come from and there are only two weeks to go after today.

Today we are sitting at a client and literally no one is coming to see us. It is a slow and painful way to spend 8 hours. Every time the door opens we get excited, but it’s just someone going through this room to the ladies room. A real tease.

What can I do? I can reach out again to my agents, get in touch with my clients, and see how many last minute meetings we can set up. I refuse to miss this. Too much money is at stake.

I am visualizing success. And, having faith.

(And freaking out when I forget the two prior sentences.)

I am uncomfortable when I don’t have a plan. So I will make one even if it ends up changing. The not knowing is very difficult for me today and I don’t want to spend the weekend in a state of flux.

Gotta go make my plan. Thanks for listening.

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