“Enjoy Every Moment”

This weekend I was at a conference.  One of the guest speakers was Robin Quivers who has starred on the Howard Stern show for over 3o years.

She talked about setting goals, her life and her success.

I was interested because I have been a very good goal setter and goal achiever. But I have never reached the kind of success that Robin spoke about. Her story intrigued me.

“I could never have set goals to achieve what Howard and I have accomplished,”  Robin said.  “I just enjoyed every day.  We went where no one has been, simply by doing what we loved and having fun.   We could never have predicted the kind of success that we have created.  It didn’t exist when we started.” (The quote is what I remember, not word for word verbatim…….)

This contrasted to earlier in her life when Robin was a nurse, serving in the air force, and struggling to find what would make her happy.

Stumbling upon broadcasting, meeting a mentor who opened some doors, and meeting Howard set her on her life’s path.  I found her message fascinating and thought provoking.

I was taught that goals were what there was to do.  I went to business school and had coaches.  Specific measurable results was “doing it right.”  Yet for me, something was missing.

Enjoying every day?  Following my joy?  Letting go and letting it happen?  Being in the flow?  Not easy for a task oriented person like myself.

What is my calling?  I ask myself most days.  I struggle to define it.

Maybe it’s empowering people to create lives that they love.  Being their REAL self, free from the limits that our brains put on us.  Following our passions, being loved just as we are, being connected.

For me, sharing authentically and really listening gives me a sense of purpose. Writing and making people laugh gives me joy.

I don’t know where this will lead me, but I feel that when I am listening in a certain way, discovering new ways to create freedom, and inspiring people with my authentic sharing and humor, that I am in the flow. When I am not afraid to be my true, outrageous self. Not worrying about being annoying or obnoxious. Being loud and a little crazy.

I can feel when I am in it.  I can tell when I am not.

As we learned this week, everything takes practice.  We are not a certain stuck way.  All we can do is practice every day being how we are called to be.  And create lives that we love.

I thank Robin for an inspiring and empowering talk.

PS I wrote this yesterday and today, I was not in the flow. I was tired and irritated. I guess that’s why it takes practice. Because I’m not very good at enjoying every moment – YET!!!!!!

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