Being Happy

In our wisdom weekend, I raised my hand to demonstrate my relationship resignation.

“I’ve given up. I don’t even try anymore.”

“Well, what’s your possibility for relationships?” Joyce asked.

“Having an empowering partnership.”

“That’s in the world of having,” Joyce explained. She pointed to the board. There were 3 circles. Having was the circle on the right.

“Well, I don’t know what to do, so I stopped doing anything,” I said. “I thought that was my problem.”

“That’s in the circle of doing,” She pointed to the middle circle.

The circle on the left was called Being.

“How are you being when you are resigned?” Joyce asked.

I didn’t know. I was blank. Joyce asked the other participants the same question. They shouted out their answers. Angry. Sad. Annoyed. Bossy. Right.

What was my answer? In relationships, I am always upset about something.

“Dissatisfied,” I said. “I am BEING dissatisfied.”

“What’s a new possibility you’d like to invent?” Joyce asked me.

Hmmmmm. What did I always want in relationships?

“To be HAPPY!” I yelled. Where did that come from? I wondered.

I felt different. I felt alive. My molecules had realigned just by my speaking.

Joyce walked over to me. She looked me in the eyes. “How are you?” Joyce asked.

“HAPPY!” I yelled. We repeated this several times.

“Who’s enrolled in this possibility?” she asked the rest of the people.

I couldn’t believe it. Almost everyone had their hand up.

“Are they enrolled in my possibility or their own for being happy?” I asked.

“Possibility is not any one person’s,” Joyce explained. “It’s universal. They are enrolled in the possibility itself.”

Wow. It was so easy.

I went around saying “I’m HAPPY” the rest of the day. People smiled.

I have to admit, though, that I fully expected someone to tell me to shut up and go back to being miserable. Wasn’t I being annoying being so HAPPY?

It’s really kind of funny. And a little sad. That I think people would prefer me to be miserable over being happy.

The truth is that no one got annoyed. Instead they smiled back and gave me the thumbs up.

Throughout the day I sometimes forgot. I’d be muttering about something and thinking there was something wrong.

“How are you?” Someone would ask.

“Oh, right, I forgot. I’m HAPPY,” I’d say. And I would smile and stop complaining.

It was as simple as saying it.

Try it. See what happens for you. You might just get HAPPY.

Have a happy freaking day!!!!!!

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