Getting unlocked

Yesterday morning my boss called me at 7:00 AM. I was in the middle of my workout at the gym. He asked if I could check the rates he was going to present at our big presentation at 9:15.

I said ok. I got off my elliptical. I looked in my bag for my keys so I could get my computer out of the car.

“Oh shit,” I thought. My keys were’t there. I must have locked them in my locker.

I asked the gym staff for help. I tried to stay calm as the trainer couldn’t cut the lock off. I ran to my guy friends to see if they had any tools in their truck that might work. No one did.

Thankfully, the gym staff was able to break the locker so I could get out my keys and clothes. I did what I needed for my boss and finished my workout.

Looking back, I was really lucky. If my boss hadn’t called, I wouldn’t have known I didn’t have my keys and by the time I found out, I would have been panicked, unable to get dressed and get to my meeting on time.

And there’s another reason. The lock was one of the last reminders of an old romance. I’ll call him S. Our plans were to move in together. S bought furniture ahead of time and we needed to store it. I bought the lock for the storage unit.

We didn’t end up moving in together and the relationship ended very badly.

And every time I used that lock at the gym, it was a teeny little stab in my heart. The reminder made it difficult to really put that relationship in the past.

Coincidentally, this person happened to be at the gym yesterday. The last time I saw him I tried to talk to him. Instead of the guy I once adored, he seemed like an angry stranger who preferred to be alone.

Yesterday, I left him alone.

As much as I wished we could talk like we used to, I remembered how disappointed I was the last time. And I honored myself and my worth instead and stayed away.

I am proud of myself. I am free. A little sad, but finally ready to move on.

And no more lock to remind me of the past. Onward to new people, new friends and an open future of possibility.

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