Journaling for Soul-filled 30 days

I forgot I’m supposed to journal.  OK, what’s been happening in terms of my soul journey.

  1. I scheduled a family constellation session so that I could give back the fear and anxiety to the ancestor who gave it to me.  I think it’s from my dad.  I didn’t have it before he passed away.  It doesn’t belong to my life and it is affecting my ability to create and connect to the eternal.
  2. For work, I have created hitting my goals effortlessly, easily and early.  I have been getting calls and emails from people out of the blue.  I have reduced my quota by half in 2 weeks.  It is not over yet, but it is coming to me and I am grateful.
  3. In relationships, I am visualizing being sought out by a man who meets my fulfillment list (I should review that list. I haven’t looked at it for over a year).  Our relationship is easy, fulfilling, love-filled, passionate, fun and exhilarating.  It is effortless and we can work out any issues in communication.  Very exciting.
  4. My book and my blog are progressing with ease.  I can relax and follow the knock.  I can let go of any pressure or anxiety about not knowing how.  I am fulfilled and passionate.
  5. I continue to share myself.  I am discovered for this unique ability and sought out for my sharing, willingness to say what can’t be said,  ability to empower and acknowledge, and creative genius in freeing people.  It is exciting and fulfilling.

I can let myself be and come out of my head back into the world.  It has been a mind-filled few days and I am happy to move beyond them and return to the outer world where I can create anything and love people.

Thank you for listening.

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