More about the dream

I told my daughter about my dream.  

“What does it mean?” I asked since she is good with that stuff.

“You don’t know where you’re going in life,”  she said.

“I thought so.  I don’t like it. Should I like it?  Can I see it as an adventure?”

“Like you’re on a path and you don’t know where you’re headed,”  she added.

“Is that a bad thing?  Should I know?  Am I fucked up?” 

I guess no one really knows, do they?  No one knows what tomorrow will bring, do they?  

This whole thing is making me physically uncomfortable.  I think I will go to bed and try to just chill and be present.  

Sometimes that works and sometimes I am wide freaking awake for hours.  I never know which kind of night it will be.  Makes it exciting, right?

WRONG!!!!  But, I’ve learned there’s no point in resisting it. 

I will try to turn not knowing into an adventure.  I could really create any kind of life I want.  Why should I be afraid?  Why not be excited?  It’s the same body sensations anyway.

OK, enough about that.  Let’s follow the unknown path – I was going to say the yellow brick road, but I don’t really think I’m off to see the wizard so I refrained.  

Yesterday I had a little goldilocks in my blog but I removed it.  Too hot, too cold, just right kind of thing. 

So, I am rambling.  Good night one and all.  Tomorrow is a NEW, GREAT DAY!!!  (See yesterday’s blog.)

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