I was listening to a podcast this morning about Gratitude.  The speaker/author wrote a book about how he thanked 1000 people that had a part in growing/producing/distributing, etc.  his morning cup of coffee.  From going to Columbia (the country) to thank the growers, to the pesticide person who sprayed the beans, etc.

It was a remarkable story.  He had the 9 tenets of gratitude.  The one that stuck with me was:  happiness can’t bring you gratitude, but gratitude can bring you happiness.

I decided to try it.  I walked into the gym this morning and saw the friendly girl I like.

“Thank you for always being so friendly when I walk in.  It really makes a difference in my day.  I really appreciate it.”

“Wow,”  she said.  Her cheeks started turning as red as her cherry shirt.

“Does that make you happy?”  I asked.

“Yes,”  she said.  “I don’t hear that very often.  Thank you.  You made my day.”   Her smile spread across the room.

I walked away feeling really happy as well.  I had made her day.  It was such a small thing and only took about 10 seconds.  And I felt better for it as well.

I think there’s something to this.  All I have to do is to remember to keep doing this.

I just realized I could have done it during a meeting today.  Instead I wanted to tell the gentleman I was meeting with that he thought he knew everything and that’s why he wasn’t doing well.  He’s a negative thinker and doesn’t listen to anything that could contribute to his doing better.  I was frustrated and annoyed and not feeling great about the meeting or him.

I managed to keep my mouth shut, but wouldn’t it have been more productive if I had found something good about him to compliment or be grateful for?  Probably.  Oopsie!!!!!!  I guess there’s more learning I can do about this.

More to come on the subject………………………………………………..

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