Be, Do, Have

I was reading about Be, Do, Have.  It’s not a new concept.  I just forgot it again.

Before I started writing this, I looked at my numbers and thought, “I’m fucked.”

Then I remember Be, Do, Have.

If you visualize where you want to be as if you have it now, you will take the actions that that kind of person would take.

So, I am a very successful person with an abundance of money, an awesome relationship with an amazing man, a best-selling author and world-renowned speaker.  My kids and family are fulfilled, healthy and thriving as they pursue their dreams.

I notice I’m sitting up instead of slouching.  I’m no longer worried.  I will hit my quota and FAME easily and early.  I will get my bonus as well as find other income streams that fund my retirement and my first class lifestyle.

I’d prefer that my good friend Fran was still on this earth.

I’d prefer that my numbers were higher this week.

But I will live as if my vision is already true.  I will do it for Fran.  I will do it for myself.  I will do it for my Dad and all my ancestors before him who fought to make a life for us in America.

Why live a shitty little settle for life where I’m afraid someone might criticize me?  Why not live my full potential and inspire others to do the same?

Why the hell not?

I am at the airport again.  I packed much better than last time.  It was easier because I’m going to Los Angeles where it is warm.  Hot weather clothes take up much less room.  No stress at all this time.  A miracle.

I’m empowering women locally with a community introduction to the Forum on January 2nd.  I am stepping into a created self rather than staying stuck in my little scare-dy cat mode.  It feels way more alive to be this way.

I’m tired and drained from the events of the last week.  But I am excited to be with my buddies in Los Angeles.  It is our last weekend together.  I’m sure as soon as I see them I will be excited and feel like a part of a community.  I will allow the sadness to surface when it does, and I will revel in being able to be myself with my friends.

Even though I haven’t spent much time with Fran since I moved to Connecticut, I treasured my connection with her.  I will always smile thinking of our inside jokes.   I am happy to have had her in my life and it just doesn’t seem right that she is no longer here.  No more packers jokes.  No more “you look good” over the telephone.

The last time I saw her was when she came to Westport from the city for my Dad’s funeral.  That’s the kind of person she was.

So here I go, successful, abundant in money and love, pursuing my passion and reveling in my wonderful communities.  And, it’s ok to be sad now and then.

California, here I come.


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