I Already Miss Her Laugh

I just got a phone call with some very sad news.  One of my old high school friends killed herself today.  She jumped off a building in New York City at 8:00 AM.

Fran was a beautiful, funny, smart person.  She and I joked about having “Packers” disease.  I wrote those two blogs about it, and never got to send them to her.  Now I can’t.  She is gone.

I can’t text her, call her or laugh with her anymore.   What makes a person kill themselves?  What is it that they can’t tell someone?  What is it that they feel such pain about?  I’ve had the thought before that I can’t handle something, but I know that in the morning, things will look different.  What had Fran not think that it was going to look better tomorrow.

I am in shock.  I am sending virtual strength to her family and twin sister.  I can not imagine how they are feeling right now.

My son told me about a guy who jumped from a bridge.  On his way down, he realized that all of his problems were solvable.  Somehow he survived and now he goes around speaking, sharing his story, and making a difference.  I wish Fran had heard him.  I wish that Fran could have talked to us.

She will be sorely missed by all.  I will miss laughing with her and texting her when I overpack.

It puts the rest of my complaints in perspective.  What’s really important?  The people in our lives.   Love.

Goodbye Fran.  I miss your wonderful laugh and sense of humor.  You always made me see the humor in a situation.  You always understood.

I’m sorry that this was what you needed to do.  Rest in peace.

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