How A Tornado Taught Me a Valuable Lesson

My daughter and I were huddled up, shaking in my mother’s basement, waiting for the tornado to arrive. We didn’t know when it was safe to go back upstairs.

We were lucky, it didn’t hit my mom’s house but we did lose power.

Thankfully, my father had installed a generator before he passed away. We were grateful and doing ok until it stopped suddenly 3 days later.

The generator people said they would come fix up, but, due to high demand, they didn’t make it that Wednesday.

My daughter and I had gone out to try to charge our cell phones and we were not prepared to come home to an empty, dark house. We had no flashlights and didn’t know where my mom’s candles were. She was away so she couldn’t help us.

My daughter’s friends had asked her to go out with them. 

“Go, just go, I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine,” I kept repeating.

She kept saying, “Are you sure?” 

“Yeah, I’m fine. Go, have fun.” 

I was not going to ask her to not have a good time with her friends, but she kept asking me, “Mom, are you okay?” 

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I said, thinking how terrified I would be getting there in the dark.

Mom, mom, mom, she kept saying. This went on for some time. I didn’t want to ask for help.

Finally, I REALLY thought about it.

“No, I’m not okay,” I blurted out, bursting into tears as usual. ” I have no idea where the flashlights are. I’m going to be home all alone in the dark. Would you come home?” 

“Yes, it’s fine, I’ll come, I was just waiting for you to ask. Why do you have to be so strong? Why do you always think you have to do it all by yourself?” 

“I don’t know. I wanted you to have fun and I didn’t want to be weak. I didn’t want to look weak.”

She came with me and we made it through the night. In the morning, not only did I find flashlights, but the generator got fixed. We had made it.

That tornado taught me that I don’t have to be so strong and I can ask for help, and I am really grateful for such a wise daughter. 

Where are you being a victim? Where do you think you have to do it all alone and you can’t ask for help because you have to look strong? 

Trust me, it’s a lot easier when you can just say you know what, it would be really nice if you were there with me. That’s what I learned. 

I’d love to hear about your experiences about times when you were trying to handle it all, but on the inside, you were screaming for help. Let me know in the comments.

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