“You Don’t Like Me”

Last Sunday I was on a zoom call sharing my little heart out.

One of the women on the call, Sue, made a weird face.

“Kim, do you want to share?” she asked another woman on our call.

“Sure, thanks,” Kim said and proceeded to launch into an animated conversation.

My good mood turned bad.

“Sue thinks I was talking too much,” I decided. “That’s why she interrupted me. And, she doesn’t like me. I KNEW she didn’t like me. Last time we talked she spoke to me in THAT TONE. Well, I don’t like her anyway.”

For the next few days, my mind kept reminding me how much Sue doesn’t like me. I was getting really annoyed.

Wednesday night I happened to have a scheduled call with Sue. I debated whether to say something, but knew, for my peace of mind, that I needed to check this out.

“Hey Sue, can I ask you a question before we start the call?”

“Sure, but this will now be your second question,” she answered.

I ignored the snark. Maybe that’s just how she is……

“The other night I decided that you thought I was talking too much and that you don’t like me. I’m not sure if I am paranoid or have a great sense of people. What would you say?”

“You totally made that up,” she said. “That is not true. I’d say paranoid.”

“Wow,” I said. “For me what my brain was saying was the truth. I’m so glad I asked.”

The conversation went WAY better than it would have if I hadn’t spoken up.

Later I checked my texts.

“Thank you,” Sue texted. “And I think you’re great.”

I smiled. Amazing.

Where do you think you KNOW what someone else is thinking or how they think of you?

You might be shocked if you just CHECK IT OUT!!

Thanks for listening.

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