How to Double Your Income While Surfing!

One of the participants in my course is living in Costa Rica.  She doesn’t like to plan and part of the course is developing a plan. 

“I don’t want to plan, I like to surf and I don’t want to be limited,” she said.  ” I don’t want to have to do this work. I don’t want to do it.”

“OK,’  I said.  I knew this was simply her resistance. That’s one of the things we look at in my course. 

I said, “Well, what if the plan was to just double your income which is what you said you wanted to do?  And do it the way you like.”

“Well, how do you do that?” she asked.

“Just share what you’re doing,”  was my answer. 

She’s an artist.  She thought about it.   “Okay, I could do that.”

She started sharing while she was surfing, while she was on the beach, when she met new people and when she was hanging in the cafe with her friends.  All she did was share what she did. 

Before the course, she was living hand to mouth, running out of money, struggling, whining, suffering, and it was just the way it had to be in her mind. 

 “What if it doesn’t have to be that way?” I had asked her during week 3.  “This course is about getting unstuck.”

I don’t know if she believed me, but here’s what happened.  While she was sharing, people became interested in what she was doing. They hired her to paint murals.  One guy had her develop a logo. Another one’s having her develop a logo and is sharing in the profits of his business with her. 

She went from scarcity to abundance without suffering for one second.  She wasn’t having “to do work.” She was just enjoying her life on the beach and manifesting her dream.

Where do you think you can’t do something?  There’s something you want to do, but you just haven’t, like this is just the way it is. 

Well, dust off your dreams and call me if you want, because this stuff works. 

If not, ask a friend, get into dialogue and just start talking about it.  What would be possible if, or what if I could do that? 

I Promise you, your life will take a different turn.

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