Creating Intentions

OK, so I’ve been negative about what I expect.

I start out very excited. I have the best expectations. I’ll be a best seller, Oprah will call me, I’ll have my own show. I am full of vim and vigor as my mom likes to say.

Sometime later, I don’t even remember what I said.

I published a book? Really?

Oprah? She’ll never call.

My own show? Nah? Too much work. Why try if I’m going to fail?

So what happens that I tank?

Well, what I’ve seen is that when things don’t go according to my plans, I revert back into my negative protective mode:

  • don’t get your hopes up
  • it won’t work out
  • you’re stupid for thinking it would

Sadly to say, these conversations were made up when I was 2. I don’t know if I made them up or inherited them. Needless to say they are survival mechanisms to prevent me from getting disappointed again like I was at 2.

Now what?

Well, now that I am AWARE of this, I can recognize my survival mechanism and create something new. The last two days I have set intentions. They interrupt my negative thinking and expectations. I will make 50 calls, make 3 appointments and talk to 10 decision makers. My focus shifts from being right about how I suck and can’t get it right to a positive expectation.

I have made appointments the last two days. So far I haven’t closed one, but I am EXPECTING TO. I am hopeful (sort of). OK, the negative kicks right back in when they don’t close immediately, but I am AWARE of that now.

This is all practice, folks. I am taking on blowing out my success, not worrying about what people think, and setting positive intentions in my next Getting Unstuck with Hilary course. I am excited to keep blowing through where I am stuck in my life.

Who knows what will happen? The first course showed me where I get stuck – as I said, when my expectations don’t equal what happens – I go down the negative tunnel to protect myself.

Staying in a positive expectation will be new. To keep my original expectations despite what happens will be a new way to play.

Stay tuned and thanks for listening.

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