A New Realm: Great-fulness

I was leading a call today and the woman sharing talked about being grateful.

When I looked at my notes, I had written down GREATFUL. I shared that “spelling mistake” and everyone got excited. I think I’m onto something.

  • Creating a new realm: Great-fulness.

Not only will this new word presence being grateful, but the spelling can also presence our greatness and the greatness of those around us. As a reminder that that’s who we are.

I have seen how different thoughts, contexts, and intentions can create either very powerful NEGATIVE energy or very powerful CREATIVE, UPLIFTING energy.

I believe that the term Greatfulness will help propel me into the second type. Lately I have been shedding attachments and anchors and feeling a tad like a victim. Today I transformed the end of my relationship (which I shared yesterday) to one of gratitude to this person instead of making him wrong and wanting him to suffer and get him back. This is a true shift for me on the path of healing. Here is what I am communicating to this person instead:

  • thank you for the experience of being loved
  • thank you for playing full out and jumping into a potential lifelong love affair
  • thank you for having me get clear that we do not want the same things – it is that simple
  • I don’t need to make either of us wrong – we simply want different things
  • I am greatful that I am free to pursue a relationship that honors me exactly as I am
  • I am greatful that I am clear that my neediness was not an indictment, but an indicator that I wasn’t getting what I wanted – and although I was trying to make it work anyway, my instincts were telling me it wasn’t right
  • I am greatful that I listened to my instincts and removed the attachment so we can both be free to pursue lives we love
  • thank you for helping me through COVID. it was wonderful to have someone to talk to during this past year
  • thank you for supporting me in many things most importantly, drinking more water, pursuing my dreams, and believing in myself
  • I love you

That is a real shift from yesterday and as I go through the spaces of mourning and grief of what I thought I had, I will continue to share. Jumping into dialogue (even though this is a one way monologue), helps me heal and move on.

I love you all.

One thought on “A New Realm: Great-fulness

  1. I know of another misspelling of gratefulness from Brother David Steindl-Rast – the great fullness of life – as in our cup brims to overflowing. So evocative.


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