Abundance of Love

I was doing a meditation for abundance. The person leading the meditation told us she was leaving us with Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance for a few minutes. We were to ask her for what we wanted more abundance of.

“Love and money,” I thought.

I was surprised. Where did love come from? I wondered. I thought I was just looking for an abundance of money.

Since that day I have been looking at my limitations with regards to love. I mean, I SAY I love people unconditionally, and I am all about a world community where everyone belongs, but …..

I know that sometimes I embody that sentiment, and sometimes I don’t.

I am looking at the “DON’T” times with fascination.

  • If someone says something I take personally
  • If I feel vulnerable
  • If I feel stupid, disappointed, slighted, or criticized
  • If I’ve expressed love and I don’t feel that it was returned to the same degree,
  • And when my young conversations kick in: I can’t have what I want, I don’t matter, or no one REALLY cares

During those times I am NOT all about love. I am about survival, protecting myself, resentment, and getting back those that I think have spurned me.

Now I am aware of this. Now I can make a choice. I can go back and forgive people for the comments I took personally. I can communicate what I never said that causes me resentments. I can free myself to love fully.

It’s a new game, and one that I am looking forward to playing.

Because who doesn’t want more love in their lives?

Thanks for listening.

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