I Won’t Tell You How Long I Waited……

I had to record a video for my new course. My marketing guy, I’ll call him T., gave me the 10 minute script I needed to use. No problem.

T. showed me how to set up a teleprompter app on my phone and how to load the script in. No problem.

I know I needed to look good on the recording, but I am just not one of those people who can make my hair look good on my own. My strategy was to record the video after getting my hair cut so my hair would look good and not be an issue.

After my hair appointment, I went outside, recorded the script, and sent it to T, thinking that was all there was to it. Check that one off the list.

“Ummmm……You will need to practice some more,” T said.

“Really? Why?”

“This is a very important video. This is what people will see when they click our links. It needs to sound convincing but instead it sounds like you are reading it. There has to be more emotion.”

“Oh. OK,” I said. How hard can this be? I wanted to be an actress when I was young. I got this.

I recorded it again. And again. And again. And again. And kept getting no passes.

“Parts of it are good, but there are parts where it just sounds like you are reading a script. Have you watched it?” T. asked.

I didn’t want to admit that I hadn’t. I didn’t think I could stand to watch myself. I kept trying.

“The waves were too loud.”

“A plane flew overhead.”

And anytime someone called me I had to start all over again. This was not fun anymore. I still hadn’t washed my hair. Each day I thought was going to be the last day of torture. This was getting crazy.

Finally I told T. that I was really getting tired of this. And that I really needed to wash my hair.

“Well, this is really important. We know it’s hard, but it has to be done. This is the hardest thing you have to do for us.”

OMG. I’m starting to hate myself. I didn’t want to admit my predicament but finally I told a friend about my hair.

“Well I heard it’s not good to wash your hair so often,” she said, kindly. “It’s better not to. Something about the oils. It’s really not a problem if you don’t.”

“OK, good,” I thought, not sure if I believed it.

Days went by. This was getting ridiculous. But I knew that once I washed my hair, not only would my “acting” be a problem, but I’d have to add the not good hair issue as well. I couldn’t bear the thought.

I recorded two videos yesterday morning. I really thought they were good.

“I think I got it,” I told the boys. “They felt great.”

But then I looked at them. I had tried to record them inside in front of a painting. The script blocked half of my screen while recording. What I hadn’t seen was that only half was showing the painting. The other half of showed the messy inside corridor of my house. Now I really wanted to scream. CRAP!!!

“Never mind,” I told them. “They suck.”

I did 3 more last night inside. They didn’t get back to me so I decided this morning that I would just keep going. I was on a roll. If my hair was going to stay dirty, I might as well practice until I get it right.

Today I was calm. If I have to do more, it’s ok . I’m starting to get into this. I recorded outside in a nice warm dress. It was nice and sunny. I had my make-up done, my jewelry on and I was ready to roll. I even figure out how to put on the do not disturb for my phone. Amazing.

During the first try, the waves were loud and the wind knocked over my ringlight stand that held my phone camera. I barely caught it before it crashed on the ground and broke.

OK. Stay calm. I moved the stand as far in from the wind and waves as I could. I really put feeling and emotions into it. I got through the whole thing twice. It felt good but you never know. I uploaded them and distracted myself with my work.

Early afternoon I hadn’t heard anything. “Please let me know before it gets dark if I need to record these again,” I told T. “I need to catch the light.”

“Yes, watching now,” T replied. “This last one is really good The background is freaking beautiful. Almost looks fake, lol.”

Did I dare hope?

“Still watching….halfway through.”

Oh my God. I texted fingers crossed, prayers, etc. Minutes passed.

“We can def use this one, it’s really good. Good work!!!!” T finally said, adding a smiley face.

“Hallelujah. Praise the Lord,” I responded.

“Hahahahah wash that hair,” T texted.


And that was that. Once it was done it seemed like no big deal. Isn’t that funny how that works!!

I was actually ok with having to do it again. But I’m happy I don’t have to. Time to wash my hair. Wow. Do I even remember how?

By the way, my course launches on Monday. It’s my pilot and it’s really exciting. “Getting Unstuck with Hilary.”

Thanks for listening.

PS And if you know someone who is stuck, it’s not to late for them to jump on board.

PPS It feels really great to have clean hair.

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