What Are You Waiting For?

What is something you want to accomplish but just don’t seem to be getting to?

For me it was avoiding making my YouTube videos.

Today I woke up and decided ENOUGH.

I had tried to record several videos on Friday and just didn’t like them. I started making excuses for why I really didn’t need to record one this week. After all, I have a busy weekend. Plus, every fear I had ever had was in my way:

  • they suck
  • they are boring
  • no one watches anyway
  • I’m an idiot for thinking they are good
  • I can’t get it right
  • no one cares anyway
  • if I’m bored watching them, everyone else must be too

This morning I decided not to listen to my fears and excuses. I got up, worked out, and got out my equipment. I made some notes and hit record. I got through my struggle of trying to get the damn thing from my phone to my computer. The whole thing maybe took 20 minutes. And it was done.

That was so much easier than torturing myself with my disempowering thoughts.

What is something you could do today that you are avoiding? Something on your to do list that keeps getting transferred or ignored? What’s a small task you could do?

I promise that if you do it, you will feel like a million bucks. I do. I can move on now and enjoy my life. I feel powerful and productive.

Please let me know. I honor your greatness and your ability to create a life you love.

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