Don’t Tell Me To Be Happy

Today I was on a call where we were supposed to say why it was a “Happy Day.”

“Don’t tell me to be happy,” I thought to myself.

I listened to all these pollyanna’s talk about why they were happy. I was getting more and more annoyed. My back hurt, my mother’s coming back today, my kids are fighting with me, and I just couldn’t see anything to be happy about.

“I’m not happy, I’m grouchy,” one of the guys said. “I woke up grouchy and I’m still grouchy.”

THANK YOU, I thought. I’m not the only ass hole, I mean negative one. It actually made me happy to hear that.

I think there are people who are naturally positive and some, like me, who aren’t. I have always thought this was a problem. A silent shame. I didn’t want to admit it.

And here was this guy saying it out loud. Admitting it. Wow!!

Once I allowed myself to NOT be happy, I could actually BE happy. It was a miracle. I noticed the flowers, I felt good about taking the garbage to the dump, and I could see that I could have a great day.

But only because I didn’t make my negativity wrong.

I think I’ve known this, but I forget it. Some lessons I guess I have to learn many times.

So have a great or un-great day.

And don’t tell ME TO BE HAPPY!!!!

Thanks for listening.

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