Appreciating the Front Line Workers

There were so many sirens I thought something terrible had happened!

Of course, I was crying. You have to watch the video to hear what happened.


My mom’s coming back today after two months. Can we see her? Do we stay in the driveway? How do we make sure we won’t infect her? Do we stay away and be safe? She doesn’t REALLY understand what’s going on I am sad to say. I’m afraid she will be upset. And, it’s not happening right now. They are still 2 hours away.

I am going to trust the universe on this one. I would think we should err on the side of safety. I know it’s hard for EVERYONE, not just us. We just haven’t had to deal with the decision since she wasn’t around here since the crisis began. And that was a good thing. Breathe, pray, breathe. Be in the moment. OK. Thanks.

My son moved in with me. That’s a little bit of an adjustment. But it’s great at the same time.

We are also looking for places to live when I have to leave here. That’s also a new thing. But not necessarily a bad one.

On a happy note: I had the best week monetarily that I’ve almost ever had. The highest AFLAC sales in years, 3 paying clients, and income from other sources coming in. The 21 days of abundance really works. It’s amazing.

Another miracle for Freedom: People are creating freedom and getting their accomplishments like never before. I am going to add that part to my vision. They are seeing their lives in new ways. Instead of invalidating what’s not happening, they are getting in touch with what they HAVE done. Truly remarkable.

It’s awesome, folks.

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and healthy.

Thanks for listening.

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