The Planning Genie

The planning genie is coming alive today. Together, my daughter and I are creating my new logo. It is my Mother’s Day gift.

“It is great to ask for what you want,” one of my mentors said.

And I did. Rather than my daughter driving 8 hours round trip to see me, I asked her if we could spend two hours re-stating my brand, and developing my logo.

So here’s the deal: I don’t know why I am great at planning.

All I know is that something magical happens, hence the name.

When you begin working with The Planning Genie, you might start talking about a vague idea that you have, or a project you’ve wanted to do, but you’ve either been confused, or don’t know where to begin.

In our half hour, you will get into dialogue with me, and in the process, get clear on your purpose, passion or project. Your energy will alter and you will get in touch with your unique gifts and talents.

We will also develop a 90 day plan. It will identify milestones and doable simple tasks that lead to the fulfillment of your purpose or project. We schedule these tasks right into your calendar.

All of a sudden, you will realize that you CAN accomplish your projects, dreams and goals. You can have what you want in your life. You can have enjoyment and fulfillment. All you have to do is follow the plan.

I also offer a program where you can work with me to stay accountable for your tasks and milestones. It keeps the plan in existence and through our weekly conversations, you will remove the barriers, considerations and distractions that may be keeping you from staying on track.

The planning and service are truly remarkable (if I do say so myself). due to our empowering partnership and trust.

I am so excited to be offering this service. And I thank my daughter for working with me to define and represent this new service.

Please go to my web site: and fill out the form to let me know that you would like to schedule a conversation.

Thank you, Haley.

Have a great Mother’s Day!!!

Thanks for listening.

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