Working it Out by Sharing

Again, not a good picture. What can I say?

I, again, wanted to drink. Not a good sign.

I went for a walk to try to clear my mind. It didn’t work.

I decided to do a video and see what came out.

What emerged was two issues that were niggling me. I didn’t even know it. They just came out when I was talking.

You’ll have to watch to find out what they are. It’s not that interesting, but they were certainly disturbing me. I now have a plan, so I can put them aside.

More later.

OK, I’m back. Another thing that I can not get handled:

I am trying to put in my bank account information for the stimulus check. I put the information in accurately from my taxes, but it still rejects it. After 3 tries, you have to wait 24 hours to try again. I have been trying to do this since Saturday.

Today I used the cues that the system gives. I looked up my street address. The post office has a different street name. When I put this (wrong) name in, it recognized me and said I was eligible for the check. Progress.

But when I entered in my tax information, it rejected me again. DAMN. Of course I tried 3 times.

Now I have to wait another 24 hours. “No need to call the IRS,” it says. Unbelievable.

I will put this aside until tomorrow.

I just like to check things off my list. Is that so WRONG?

That’s all for now. Not exciting, but, it doesn’t have to be exciting to be annoying.

Thanks for listening.

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