How to Cover Your Roots in 10 Seconds – Wow!

Watch the video to find out how. It is SO FREAKING COOL!!! If you can’t watch it, go to YouTube: Getting Real with Hilary. (That’s if it gets posted to Instagram. People can’t click on the picture. We are currently working out the problem).

I loved my running (walking) workout with Matty Maggiacomo from Peloton outdoors. He played the best 80’s music: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- our girl Cindy Lauper, How Will I Know/Whitney Houston, Flashdance, Holding Out For a Hero – Bonnie Tyler, plus more. So much fun.

I loved Day 11 from my 21 Days of Abundance. The Law of Least Effort. Once I accepted the current circumstances, I was free to create something new instead of suffering. It was truly incredible. I felt freer than I have in a long time. I had to listen to it at least 4 times to hear that part of the Law. Before I just decided that it COULDN’T work for me. It just didn’t feel like it could. I missed the acceptance part. What a difference that one word has made for me. WOW!

I really covered them. It was SO EASY!!! Watch to see how!!

And, remembering Fran on her birthday. I miss you, Fernwood. Hope you are having fun wherever you are now. “You look good.” Our inside joke.

Here’s to creating a world community where everyone belongs, feels loved unconditionally exactly as they are, and is free to create lives that they love. Where suicide is no longer a thought let alone a reality.

Thanks for listening.

Please stay safe and healthy in these crazy corona times.

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