How to Enjoy the Great Pause!

And I thought I had nothing to say!!

Just being resigned. I allowed it yesterday. Kind of quit what I was doing. Done. Stupid idea. Never will happen. And had that be ok. (Well, as much as I could – didn’t sleep too much, but still allowed the feelings).

Today when I woke up I was back in action with a clear mind. I reached out to two people who I thought could use a plan, and just scheduled two more half hours with Hilary with them, completing the 4 I said I would schedule this week.

I’m not going to worry about generating the income. That’s the part I was REALLY resigned about. I’m chewing through that by looking at my disempowering conversations – I don’t know how. It won’t work, etc. I’m going to just see where this exploration takes me. Relax and Breathe.

My chicken (see the video) did cook but I have to admit it is a little dry. Don’t tell my son. He says it’s ALWAYS TOO DRY. I just like it well done. No salmonella for me, folks!!!!

I am in my power hour. 4:00-5:00 so I am going to get back to my other tasks that I said I would accomplish during we get back on zoom and complete the hour.

Hope you are staying health during the GREAT PAUSE. I thought that was a great name. I am personally doing well. Looking out at the water and enjoying my time without stress and running myself frantic.

I just took my second walk of the day on the beach. It’s so cool.

Have a great day and thanks for listening.

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