Who’s Right and Speaking Up?

OK, our seminar last night was about where we lie.

When I’m lying, or not saying what’s really there, I am shut down, mute, pleasant and people pleasing and life is not fun.

This video is about three things:

  • speaking up to the guy
  • narcissistic vs using myself as the guinea pig (oops I forgot this in version 3 – next time)
  • who’s right about the corona virus
  • video was too long. I will have to try later. I certainly learned alot by recording it.

Third video: I recorded just the highlights. What I learned was why I wasn’t in action on my project.

  • I had decided I was an ass hole for thinking I could have what I want


  • My 2 year old conversation is that I’m right about that I can’t have what I want

So therefore, if I think I CAN have what I want, I’m an ass hole for thinking it.

It’s a circular mind fuck where I am guaranteed to suffer.

Having distinguished that, I can now get back into action. This was very valuable for me to distinguish. YAY!!

It’s taken a few weeks but that’s ok. My seminar helped me last night to distinguish my recurring upset. It’s pretty much always some version of I can’t have what I want. That is very powerful to see.

When things aren’t the way I want them to be, it’s an automatic upset. This helps me see that and regain my power, freedom and happiness. What a huge victory over the left side of left.

Have a great day!! Thanks for listening.

Here is take #3.

Easier to paraphrase the third time!!!

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