New Context for Resistance

I was listening to Oprah today. Steve Pressfield was on and talking about RESISTANCE. My ears perked up. I kept missing what he was saying and had to keep rewinding so I could take notes.

I ordered one of his books and I’m so excited. Resistance is normal when you are growing – when you take on something new, resistance is normal. It feels physical, but it’s not. You CAN get through it to freedom. You CAN do the uncomfortable thing even though you FEEL resistance. That’s why I continue to blog and make videos – even though my resistance tells me I’m no good and stupid for thinking this is valuable. I’m doing it ANYWAY.

This video is about me resisting being ANNOYED. I was in a bad mood because I didn’t think I should be annoyed – I mean, shouldn’t I ALWAYS be happy? That thought made me even more upset.

Alas, why not record a video? I thought. It usually works to give me some freedom.

So I did. I got free by SHARING.

I couldn’t believe how free I got just by opening up my mouth and speaking. I feel like a different person. It was SO COOL.

Here’s the video:


I started out not knowing what to say……..somehow it worked and I got FREE!

Well, there you have it, folks!! Creating Life Out Here by Sharing, Saying the Unsaid, and Not resisting your experience.

I’m loving this exploration. Can’t wait to uncover some more fun ways to get free.

Have a great night and thanks for listening.

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