Enjoying Today

Enjoying today. Great idea. Wish I was doing it.

Trusting the universe and my instincts? That would also be a no.

Obsessing and worrying and thinking there is something wrong with my lazy, fat ass? That would be a yes. Why am I doing that?

Good question. I’ll tell you why:

  • I said I would write an article today for my book and I didn’t find a place to do it so I FAILED. That makes me a lazy, fat ugly loser.
  • I didn’t speak up on my date last night when I wanted to leave – that makes me a pleasant, people pleasing chicken shit mute who will never get what I want
  • I didn’t go see my mother today – that makes me a bad, horrible, shameful daughter
  • My place is a mess – that makes me a terrible, lazy slob.
  • I cleaned my boots with BBQ cleaner instead of shoe spray (I tell the story on the video) – that makes me a stupid, ignorant ho.
  • I was up on the scale last week – that makes me a fat, hopeless, pathetic loser with no future
  • (This is kind of fun – what else?)
  • I finished my taxes but I don’t know how much I will owe – that makes me someone who will never have her savings grow ever again
  • I have a guy that I totally adore who is not quite available yet – that makes me a stupid, pathetic, fantasy-ridden, romantic who will never have what she wants

OK, I think I’m done. I can see that none of these things actually mean what I said. I was exaggerating on purpose and didn’t do it to manifest it. I did it to CLEAR OUT my negativity. OK? So don’t go on that high horse about watch what you say. I’m PLAYING!!!!!

At least I’m smiling on this one!!! It was fun!

OK, but since I do want to manifest something great – here goes:

  • I am a bestselling author
  • I appear on the Oprah show
  • I have my own show where I interview people and have them see their own greatness
  • I work with an amazing partner
  • I have an amazing fabulous wonderful relationship with a man I truly love and adore
  • I am at my maintenance weight naturally and wonderfully
  • I am healthy and strong
  • My family is vital, fulfilled, happy and thriving
  • I live in a full time beautiful home on the water with my wonderful man
  • My retirement is fully funded and my income grows effortlessly and exponentially

OK, I feel a little more positive now. That stuff sounds WAY MORE FUN !!

Thank you for listening. Have a great night.

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