How Will You Measure Your Life – A Tribute to Clay Christensen

This video has two parts. One is a tribute to the author of the book, “How Will You Measure Your Life?”

I just finished reading the book for the Penn Book Club. I didn’t like it at first, but it grew on me. Made me question the culture in which we raised our kids.

A great read for parents of young children and business owners.

The second part was creating a life of love and possibility. What if faith and trust were the loud voices in my head instead of fear and doubt?

That would make happiness, freedom and peace available.

Wow!! What a freaking concept!

Why not? Who Knew?

Not such a great picture but whatever!!!

It’s long but I worked through some good stuff!!

I am going to take some new steps:

  • Reaching out for help quicker and without angst
  • Speak Up Faster when I am gnawing at something that happened


To create more freedom, peace, connectedness, belonging, faith, trust and the ability to be loved.

Why not?

What do I have to lose except a whole bunch of fear and doubt!!!!!!

More tomorrow. Gotta go brush my teeth. I ate lox and the taste in my mouth is TOO SALTY!!!

Thanks for listening!!!

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