Freedom and Miracles

I can’t believe what happened

You have GOT to watch this video. OMG. I’m not going to tell you what happened in this blog. (This is a teaser.)

I WILL tell you that my funk from yesterday (see yesterday’s blog), completely cleared when I stopped resisting my anger, sadness, resignation and confusion. I also got out of bed when I couldn’t sleep and went to the gym last night. I got out some of my anger and pent up energy on the rowing machine!!!

Then I slept well. In the morning I was feeling FINE.

All of a sudden, it was back. I started resisting what I needed to do today. I made myself wrong for not wanting to do ANYTHING. The FUNK RETURNED.

My energy sucked. I was back on the SUCK SIDE. I really did NOT want to make 90 calls for work. It is tedious and I just DIDN’T WANT TO!!

I got home from my early appointment and stared at my computer. I didn’t want to call rude ass holes. I couldn’t see myself doing it. I couldn’t see myself doing ANYTHING I needed to do.

What was I going to do? It was only 10:30 in the morning. I had all day to suffer over this. Something had to change.

I decided to meditate. I opened the door to my deck, spread out my yoga mat, covered it with a nice fuzzy blanket, and got a pillow. I turned on an Aaptiv meditation called “KNOW YOUR WORTH.”

When it was done, I talked to God:

“Please God, help me. I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS JOB ANYMORE!! I HATE IT!! I don’t want to make calls, help new people or have to survive this way. HELP ME!!!!!!

I stayed quiet. I stopped resisting that I didn’t want to. I really got into NOT WANTING TO. REALLY NOT WANTING TO.

Then all of a sudden I had a thought. My goal is to schedule two more appointments, not to make 90 calls. What if I can just make a couple of easy calls and schedule the appointments with ease?

Why did it have to be so hard?

All of a sudden, a reminder flashed on my phone to call a prospect I had been chasing since last summer. I hadn’t gotten him on the phone since July. Today he picked up the phone. I couldn’t believe it.

AND, he scheduled a meeting. It WAS EASY!!


I called the next person who I had a reminder to call. I had also been chasing him since last summer. A Miracle: he answered. He wants to buy AFLAC. We scheduled a meeting for Monday at 5:00. OMG

I proceeded to contact ten more people by phone and email. I scheduled at least one more appointment via email and another by phone. That was 4. WITH EASE!!! More than the goal I had given up hitting for the week. Holy CRAP!!!

All because I stopped resisting “NOT WANTING TO.”

I had a new energy in my step. I processed some other negative stuff. I feel FREE. What a freaking difference from last night and this morning.

And if you want to see my other miracle – literally getting a message from the other side, you still have to watch the video. It comes a little later in the video.

Have a great day.

Thanks for listening.

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