Trusting the Universe

OK, trusting the universe is not my thing.

I’m a get it done, make it happen, push things through kind of person.

I had hired a couple of different companies because I wanted to monetize what I am doing so I can eventually retire from my sales job. At 60, the thought of going door to door for another 5 years, exhausts me. In reality it can be fun, but the THOUGHT of it makes me tired.

I am looking for ways to make money AND have fun doing it. I had thought I had the right path to MAKE THIS HAPPEN FAST!!!!

Apparently NOT!

After a couple of freaked out weeks trying to work with these people, I decided this was not what I was looking for. I was DEFINITELY NOT “in the flow.” I was frustrated, exasperated, stressed, annoyed, and STILL did not know what I was doing even though I was paying people a lot of money. I can be exasperated for free thank you very much!!

It’s disappointing.

I finally remembered, though, that the whole point of doing something new is to be able experience more freedom and peace.

I’ve had the obvious for the past 3 weeks – stress, freak out and nights spent worrying if I was making a mistake – instead of sleeping.

Tonight I have peace back. Hallelujah. I can breathe again.

So, while I should be in bed since I have to get up at 4:45 AM tomorrow, I decided to get back in communication with ya’all. I have passed through the walls of resignation, discomfort, not knowing, and needing to be validated.

Watch the video if that makes no sense.

My going to bed look – in my pajamas with no make up like Jefree Starr!!!!


Plus I’ve gotten feedback on my book. They like the writing. It flows!!! See, there’s that validation I love. Well, why not? I’m out of my little comfortable house so hearing positive feedback feels great. (Again, watch the video).

Gotta go to bed so I can wake up again tomorrow!! (God Willing)

Have a great night. Glad to be back in communication.

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