More Confessions

Confessions – You’ll have to listen to see what I’m confessing NOW!!!

I recorded that video this morning. I have since had a mammogram, went to the chiropractor’s, to my office and I am now at a client’s office.

I’m waiting for my policyholder to come see me……………

In the meantime, I have to tell you what happened:

When I walked into the chiropractor’s office, the wife of the doctor told me she had ordered my book but hadn’t received it yet.

I asked her if she ordered on Amazon Prime and she said yes.

“That’s weird then,” I said. “I wonder why it hasn’t come.”

While I was standing there, the mail came. She opened up a soft white package. Out came MY BOOK. It was crazy.

Here I am with Dr. Propper, holding my book in my hands. I hadn’t seen a physical copy of the book yet so it was really thrilling. It is big, but oh well, that’s what I picked I guess when I selected the square shape.

I’m certainly not changing it NOW.

During my adjustment, I told Dr. Propper how achy I had been. You’ll never guess what he said…..


“Why good?” I asked.

“That means your body is releasing toxins. That’s great.”

“Oh. I thought I was getting the flu.”


Well that’s a good thing. Today I am definitely not as achy.

I asked him if there was anything I should avoid doing since my back is messed up.

“Don’t life heavy weights.” I can do anything else.

So that’s great.

I am CONTENT. (You have to watch the video to understand that one.)

OK, more later. I better behave since I’m at the client’s office.

Thanks for listening.

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