Straight Works

I’m still listening to my work call.

I went first. I said I was embarrassed, but these were the facts. I gave them my numbers.

My boss’s boss said it’s way more fun when I am on the FAME train. I told him I agreed. But he wasn’t bad and didn’t make me feel worse for my lack of success. So that is good.

He said, do a third of my number in FAME in December, and I will be trending in the right direction.

I feel much better than I have since June about work. I probably should have talked to him earlier so I didn’t have to be this:

  • embarrassed
  • defeated
  • depressed
  • resigned
  • frustrated

for the last 4 months. It wasn’t fun.

OK, some one who is talking now just quoted me. I told them on the call that I am passionate about our cancer insurance since so many of my inner circle (8 people) have been diagnosed in the past few years. Young and old alike.

When my very good friend (after being diagnosed), asked me how she was going to pay her bills if she couldn’t work, I wanted to kick myself.

I never made sure that I educated her and her boss on our products. Our cancer plan’s average claim is $50,000. That would have given her peace and the ability to pay her bills in that event. And our disability would have replaced her income.

I was ashamed at my lack of courage and how I let my fear of “bothering her” hold me back from sharing what I do.

Since then, I tell accounts I need to educate their people. I need to let them know about our cancer and disability plans.

If they say no after being educated, then it’s on them. If I don’t educate them, it’s on us (me and the account). And shame on us.

So when Mike (one of my peers), just said he was going to steal what I said because he loved the idea, I felt validated.

Wow! I have some value. I have a brain. I have good ideas. My whole body is relaxing. I am sitting up straighter.

Unreal. It’s such a difference in how I feel about my capabilities and future. From one little comment. Unreal.

And I was dreading this call…. Who knew?

OK, gotta go as usual.

Have a great night.

Thanks for listening.

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