A Date in 19 Minutes

OK, thank you for voting in about the book title. I’m sticking with the Second Piece of French Toast. I appreciate your help in my panicked time of need.

I am literally meeting a date in 18 minutes. I don’t know him. He is from the dating site.

So while the video is publishing, I am writing this and then I have to scoot. I am going to drive even though it’s right down the block. That way he won’t know I live so close.

Today I was working on my book and the web site. Wow!! Progress, panic and pandemonium in my mind.

All in a days work I guess. It’s new so why SHOULD I know what I’m doing. It’s very exciting and terrifying.

I was listening to the guy who produced Motherless Brooklyn be interviewed by Tim Ferriss. It took him 20 years from the start of the idea to finishing it. He said it was uncomfortable and not natural to do something new like this.

I feel validated. This is uncomfortable and foreign. But I am proud that I am moving forward anyway.

Video is still uploading. OK, HURRY HURRY HURRY. I have to go. 12 minutes.


OK, It’s done. Have a great night.

Do you like the sunset? Pretty cool, right?

Thanks for listening.

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