Getting it Right

I only have 15 minutes to write this.

I’m going to give it a try. And hit PUBLISH no matter how it reads through at that time.

I’ve been talking to a couple of people and I keep hearing them talk about “getting it right.”

I have had a frustrating and exhausting relationship with that phrase all my life.

“I JUST WANT TO GET IT RIGHT!!” I either think or say quite often. It’s like a two year old having a tantrum.

Until one day in a conversation I realized that there is NO RIGHT. It doesn’t exist. We have standards and ideals, advice from others, things we read, etc. People will always give you their opinion or advice if you ask them. But there is actually no BOOK OF RIGHT to guide us. No UNIVERSAL RIGHT way for anything.

And for me, this search for what’s RIGHT has prevented me from speaking up AND taking action.

Today I am giving it up. “You have to be bad to be good,” I just told Robyn this morning. She’s been working on one blog for weeks, trying to get it perfect. I’m sure mine have typos and stuff, but my rule is, read through it two or three times and then push PUBLISH. Otherwise I’d still be working on the first one.

If I worry about what people will think, I’m also frozen into inactivity.

So, my advice if you want it, is make a mess. Do it badly at first if you need to.

Because it’s the process that we love. And if we ruin it with worry, then we won’t have any fun.

How do I know? Because I’ve been hiding my blogs. I don’t tell people about them or really share about them that much.

This week my task is to call WordPress and see how I can make this more user friendly. I hate calling help lines, but in the name of progress and contribution, I will do it. (And I don’t know why this is indented or going to the right, but I don’t have time to figure it out.)

Have a great day, my friends. I love you.

PS I am in a course this weekend on Relating and Relationships. So, I DO love you even though it makes me and probably you uncomfortable for me to say it. This is a bold action. More soon.

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