Straight and Curly

I am so excited. Robyn, Virginia and I are working together.

We all want to be speakers and left to our own devices, have not been in action about it. Robyn and I started speaking two weeks ago. We started giving ourselves action items and reporting on what we did the next week.

We just added Virginia to our call this morning and it was awesome. There was a synchronicity and electricity as soon as we said hello.

I wanted to call us Short, Straight and Curly, but Robyn and Virginia removed the Short from the title. Now we are simply “Straight and Curly.” So that’s what we are calling ourselves.

We are in action. We are empowering each other. We see in each other what we, as ourselves, can not see.

“You created this,” Virginia said to me today.

“I did?”

“Yes, don’t you see it?”

“No, I just thought everyone created stuff like this.”

“NO. They don’t. This is what YOU do.”

“Wow, that’s really amazing. I didn’t even know.”

And stuff like that. And I see Robyn’s gift of seeing the soul in all of us and helping us get in touch with that part of ourselves. And Virginia is an incredible healer, artist, and actress. We all have powerful messages. And they are unique. And we are in action following our dreams and passion.

Before I was just talking about it like some day one day maybe I would I mean I really wanted to but didn’t know how so whatever kind of thing……………

This is way more exciting.

Get ready, here we come!!!!

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