Being On It

I think I am On It.

How do I know?

Everything hurts. I don’t want to do anything. I want to go to sleep (it’s only 6:26 PM).

I just saw a video by Jack Canfield called “Pay Attention to the Signs of the Universe.” It made me think and now I am really even more on it than before I saw the video.

Here is what Jack said:

Look for these five things in order to pay attention to what the universe is trying to tell you:

  • When you have had the experience of joy
  • Any physical pain you notice – it could be alerting you that something isn’t right or some belief is stuck
  • When you have a song stuck in your head or a recurring dream – listen to what the message is that’s repeating
  • Your inner voice – not the regular elephant voice, but the quiet one
  • Ask the universe what it is trying to tell you – meditate, etc.

Not sure I have these exactly right, BUT, now my back REALLY hurts. What is that telling me? “Get off my back?” “Back off?” Interesting………..Who am I wanting to say that to? ………Maybe myself. Maybe it’s more of the being kind to myself. I took it on today and while I’m pretending to be kind, my “inner voice” is all over my back. AHA. There it is again. Who knew?

When in my life have I experienced joy?

  • being with my family when we are laughing together
  • laughing in general
  • discovering new ways to do things
  • exercising
  • hearing a song with a great beat
  • dancing
  • reading
  • doing my puzzles
  • writing
  • listening to someone and creating freedom for them
  • believing in someone when they aren’t

So, I was going to say (because I’m on it) that I don’t experience joy before I wrote this list. I proved myself wrong on that one.

What is my inner voice saying? Good question. I will have to shut down my negativity long enough to hear it.

What is the universe saying? Again, see above.

So, I am going to stay on it just because resisting it and making it wrong is exhausting and doesn’t work. Instead I am just going to be how I am and see if it lifts……………………………….

Song from Jeopardy is playing – do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do ……………

OK, it didn’t lift. I don’t think I’m actually accepting that being this way is actually ok. It’s so freaking WRONG to be on it!!!! I should be peppy and happy and positive and joyful and la dee freaking dah!!!! And I’m definitely not that.

So there you have it. Guess I’ll just stay on it!!!! Have a great freaking night!!!!!

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